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Welcome to TechEd Maven's hub of tools and resources, carefully crafted to meet the diverse needs of educators, administrators, and learners. We understand the importance of efficiency, adaptability, and continuous learning in the ever-evolving landscape of education. Explore our offerings and elevate your educational experience.

A.C.E. Education Professional Development Resources - on Amazon

TechEd Maven Consulting's A.C.E. Education series on Amazon, is specifically crafted for educational leaders seeking dependable resources. Understanding the challenges of guiding and coaching staff, our series offers solutions to enhance staff development streamline school operations. 

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Digital Tools and Resources - on The Principal's Exchange

TechEd Maven Consulting presents our instant access digital tools and resource packages tailored for educational leaders. Recognizing the long hours and diverse challenges faced by principals, this collection offers easily accessible digital solutions. From strategic planning to staff development, these tools are designed to streamline and enrich school leadership. 

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TechEd Maven Consulting -  on YouTube 

Experience + Innovation = Transformation. Join us on the TechEd Maven YouTube Channel, where educational leadership takes center stage. Our content, enriched with AI and tech insights, supports your journey towards efficient and innovative educational leadership. Subscribe for transformative leadership insights.

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Looking for Courses and Workshops?

We understand that the pathway to knowledge is unique for each individual and organization. Our courses and workshops  draw upon decades educational leadership experience - intertwining innovative cutting edge practices.

"Knitting together the qualities of high-quality professional learning and evaluating the results smartly can lead to improved student learning." (Desimone 2011)

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