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Your dedicated passion as an educational leader - is the heartbeat of our society's future. The influence you wield in shaping the minds and lives of students and educators is monumental and resonates profoundly within our communities. At TechEd Maven Consulting, we honor and align with this core philosophy, acknowledging the pivotal role you play in nurturing and inspiring growth.

The demands of your position are unique, often extending beyond the typical school day into long, dedicated hours.¬† We know firsthand¬† -¬†"principals typically work around 60 hours a week" ‚Äč(Sawchuk, 2016). This underlines the critical need for efficient, supportive resources tailored to the complexities of your role.¬† In recognition of this, TechEd Maven Consulting offers a curated suite of resources, designed to accelerate your efficiency and elevate your leadership. Our differentiated offerings, including an engaging YouTube channel,¬†our A.C.E.¬†Education resources on Amazon, and a diverse range of digital tools and files on The Principal's Exchange,¬†are crafted to support your journey. Additionally, our comprehensive asynchronous courses,¬† professional development workshops and personalized consultative services serve¬†as key levers in our commitment to support both you as a leader -¬†and the members¬†of your educational community at large.

Choosing to partner with TechEd Maven Consulting is a decision to align with a team that is deeply invested in your journey towards educational excellence. Our mission is to reflect the support you provide to your community, elevating your leadership and educational impact. Together, we are dedicated to forging a path toward transformative educational experiences for all students - underpinned by a shared commitment to excellence and innovation in education.

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At TechEd Maven Consulting, we recognize the intricate multifaceted levels of responsibility you face  as 21st Century Educational Leaders:

"Driving change in schools, developing and supporting school leaders, adapting teachers to new models of professional development, personalized and blended learning, leveraging on resources and more recently building partnership with the community. Educational leaders face unprecedented accountability pressures in what is clearly a ‚Äėresults-driven‚Äô business. As these environmental pressures intensify, leaders and managers require greater understanding, skills, and resilience to sustain their institutions." Adams, Donnie, Raman Kutty, Gopinathan, and Zuliana Zabidi (2017)

To support you, TechEd Maven's services are thoughtfully differentiated into three categories, each tailored to meet your specific leadership needs and the requirements of your school community. We are committed to enhancing your abilities to navigate these challenges, ensuring you have the necessary support to excel in your role as an educational leader.

Tools and Resources

We understand that time is a premium and things are rapidly evolving.  Our differentiated tools and resources support a variety of school instructional, strategy and operational needs.

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Courses and Workshops

Our workshops and courses are designed to support educational leaders. In-person/ virtual real-time workshops; as well as self-paced online course options are available to meet your unique needs.

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Custom Consulting

Customized solutions are the highest level of success within schools.  Our firm will work closely with you to develop a differentiated and comprehensive plan for your school or district.

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Popular Book

A.C.E. Instructional Leadership: Observations, Evaluations & Feedback 

Step-by-step guide for instructional leaders to leverage Generative Artificial Intelligence to support instructional coaching, feedback and evaluation practices

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Popular Book

A.C.E. Your Teacher Evaluations

Step-by-step guide for teachers to leverage Generative Artificial Intelligence to support instructional planning, teaching practices and administrative tasks

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Complimentary Framework

TechEd Maven Consulting Educational Technology Integration Framework

This framework supports educational leaders in strategically incorporating technology and AI tools into pedagogy and organizational routines.

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